About Us


Our mission is to adapt our clients’ technologies to their needs, to enhance their work experience and ease their troubles.


Our vision is to provide our clients across the Central Coast and beyond with simple automation for complex goals to allow them to reinvest their work hours to progression and enhancement.


Customers are at the forefront of SPICE Integration’s core values. To aid us in this, we value shared and transparent knowledge. We document and label our work to give control and understanding back to the operators. This allows for human focused automation; systems that are user friendly, accessible, and understandable. Removing the black box you need, to call for every change. This clarity helps create automation that works for our customers, rather than them working around the automation.

Meet the Team

John Bowers

John Bowers, the lead programmer at SPICE, spent several years with a Bay Area integration company. Working with dozens of clients of various disciplines, he honed his skills as a traditional structured text programmer, while also accruing knowledge with PLCs and SCADA platforms.


Albert Espinosa, the Lead Electrician at SPICE brings a decade of foreman electrician experience to the company. Working major projects in LA, he has grown into a central coast local over the last few years.  He is a fountain of knowledge for electrical, and quickly excelling in the field of controls and data connectivity.

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